Name: Gyoda Manufacturing Ltd.
Founded August 1965
Representative: Masami GYODA (MR) (Founder)
Capital: 5 million Japanese Yen
HQ and Plant: 693-1 Yata. Yoshiimachi, Takasaki, Gunma, Japan 370-2106
Members: 20
Total Premises: 1,320 square meters
Main Bank: Gunma Bank, Kanramachi Branch, Shinonome Shinkin Bank,yoshi Branch
August 1965 : Founded at Kokuwabara, Tomioka, Gunma, as a Sheet Metal Pressing plant
April 1975: Moved to the above address due to enlargement of our business size
April 1979: Started Metal Processing
June 1985: Started Mold Production
May 1990: Incorporated with the capital of 5 million Japanese Yen
August 1990: Introduced of NC Punching Laser Combo Machine
April 1999: Awarded in the GOLD medal in the Metal Sheet Skill Fair
February 2008: Licensed management system ISO9001,the quality

Please refer to the photo gallery of our facilities (only in Japanese)
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Please do not hesitate to e-mail to the address below;
Kawanishi(Mr)/Office K
on behalf of Gyoda Manufacturing Ltd.

Our company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.